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Plate Processors

As a manufacture of analog and digital plate products, our goal is to deliver consistent performance in your printing operation. To accomplish this task, Anocoil has partnered with manufactures of high quality processing equipment to provide our customers with upgrade options tied to purchasing agreements.

Our traditional approach has been to provide three (3) year purchasing agreements, where we amortize the cost of the equipment package into the cost of the printing plate. Depending on the projected sq ft usage at a printing location our pricing is adjusted to accommodate the needs of the printer. At the end of the purchasing agreement, title for the installed equipment is transferred to the printer. Depending on the required configuration, multiple options are available. The following apply:

Analog Processing Equipment

CA Systems ML 33, 46 & 59 Processors

Proteck XPH 85 Processor

Thermal Positive Processing Equipment

CA Systems Laser 26 & 33 Processors

CA Systems LX 33, 46 & 59 Processors

Thermal Negative Processing Equipment 

CA Systems Polyheat 26, 33 & 37 Processors

Proteck PTN 85 Processor